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We are a Swedish AI lab at the forefront of making generative AI practical

Visendi was founded with the mission of enabling traditional industrial sectors to seamlessly adopt generative AI technology,


and innovation.

supercharging productivity

With backgrounds at industry-leading companies such as Scania, Gestamp, and SCA, we have a specialized understanding of the challenges in the heavy industry sector. This expertise allows us to deliver tailored AI solutions that address specific industry needs, enhance operational efficiency, and drive sustainable innovation.

Founded in 2023 in Stockholm, Sweden

In the first year, our primary focus was on building the foundation for our AI lab, where we research, develop, and test various AI technologies. Currently, we are engaged in projects with leading companies in Europe while continuing to invest in our AI research and development in the lab to further enhance our capabilities.

We are present in both the southern and northern Sweden.

Map of sweden


Stockholm (HQ)

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