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Welcome to our

AI lab

Visendi Labs is our dedicated R&D space where we develop and test various AI applications. Our primary focus is on generative AI technologies, exploring different models and innovative ways to tune and orchestrate them in a network to complete tasks. On this page, we share brief insights into some of our development projects, ranging from initial proof-of-concepts to fully developed applications, all of which are free for anyone to use. Feel free to try them out, and if you find something that suits your project needs, please let us know. We welcome any questions and feedback you may have.

Smart Data Navigator
Desktop app

Experience AI powered search of your local files. Ask any question about your internal data and get an answer with context and reasoning immediately.  

MacBook laptop.

Proof-of-concept web app

Use AI to generates boundary representation (BREP) CAD models with your prompts. 

Drawing checker 
Web app

Utilize AI to get feasibility checks on mechanical drawings before manufacturing.

AI powered drawing checker

Proof-of-concept web app

Use AI to generates boundary representation (BREP) CAD models based on picture, sketch or drawing.  

Insight in one our R&D projects:

for Hardware Developers

AI CAD Copilot

Our CAD Copilot concept is based on using multimodal Large Language Models (LLMs) in combination with a specialized AI model trained specifically for 3D modeling. Designed to integrate seamlessly with existing CAD systems, it enables engineers to maintain their usual workflow, but with a powerful sidekick that eliminates inefficiencies. It could potentially save up to 70% in engineering hours on CAD design, while achieving improved product quality and faster time to market.


Assistance in creating CAD models

Eliminate boring and repetitive CAD design work and focus your time on important details instead. 

Generative AI CAD

Suggest a way to complete this frame design. 

Does something like this align with what you have in mind?

Yes, now add four wheels underneath it.

Sure, here’s a suggestion that includes four wheels.

Generative AI CAD

Create a 3D model based on this drawing.

Here’s a 3D model based on your drawing.

Create a 3D model of a hollow cylinder with a square-shaped bottom plate. The bottom plate should have a countersunk hole in each corner.

Here’s a 3D model based on your description.


Create CAD models from images and text 

Utilize image-to-CAD and text-to-CAD capabilities to instantly generate a BRep-based CAD model from a picture, drawing, or sketch.


Expert guiding throughout the design process

Avoid unnecessary design iterations with guidance and feasibility checks throughout the design process, based on your design requirements and standards.

Generative AI CAD

Brackets like these usually have a gap here to improve manufacturability. Do you want me to fix it?

Two deviations were identified based on your drawing requirements.

DALL·E 2024-06-07 10.17.40 - A minimalist background wallpaper in 16_9 format inspired by

How we envision the future of engineering

Future engineering teams will be a mix of human and AI agents, navigating the complex terrain of product development together. 

Do you want to join our lab? Don't hesitate to contact us.

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